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Sunday Things - April 11

Note to self: If you're really sleepy, don't try to pay a bill online.

That comes from an adventure one recent night. I had a bill due a few days later, and decided while I was thinking about it I should go ahead and make the payment. I grabbed my trusty debit card and sat down to do the deed.

Only I typed the amount wrong. Which I didn't realize until I had already gone past the point of starting over. It's all fixed now, but the hour or so I spent dealing with it definitely woke me up.

Lesson learned. Next time I'll just make a note to do it the next day.

On a completely different subject: I am saddened at the news of Dixie Carter's death. I first knew of her when she was on "The Edge of Night," a long-gone soap I used to watch. I loved "Designing Women," and have been known to explain things to people in terms of, "well, Julia Sugarbaker would say...."

Perhaps my favorite memory of Dixie Carter was of her on a talk show. She was taking questions from the audience, and someone asked about a controversy on the set of "Designing Women." Dixie thanked the person for being interested, then went on to say that the controversy was complicated and that she didn't want to try speaking of it. Her response was one of the most gracious ones I'd ever heard, and I tucked it away in my memory to use if needed.

Rest in Peace, Dixie, and thank you for everything.

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