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A Little Unconventional - March 23

It's late as I post this. I was planning to put up some pictures of items for sale, but something came up. They'll wait till Wednesday's entry.

Anyway, I've written an open letter to Chapel Hill and Carrboro -- my local area -- in an attempt to find local work. Things are complicated and not going all that well, and I'm trying my best to make something work out. This letter of mine will be linked everywhere I can link it, and of course job offers to telecommute are still most welcome.

This attempt is a bit unconventional, at least for me, but my alternative seems to be to continue finding ads for jobs that sound perfect till there's no reply, and to spend entirely too much time trying to drum up something. I have told several friends that I'd never understood the truth to the notion that looking for work was a full-time job until recently, but it is.

So feel free to read the letter, and to share it with anyone.

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