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January 2010

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Schedules - January 15

I did a little magic today to make Friday afternoon and Saturday morning change places. Oh, all right, what I really did was change my schedule to switch my plans.

The local transit people didn't ask me before they changed several bus schedules. The changes that most affect my life are the Saturday ones. It's been the case the last several years that there was only one block of time that worked for me to go shopping on Saturdays without having to wait close to an hour between buses. And with the new schedule, even that block is screwed up.

I find the new Saturday thing so confusing at the moment that I wasn't willing to risk it. So the right answer was to go do my bit of grocery shopping this afternoon instead of what I had planned, to stay home and work. That means tomorrow morning I'll be here working.

Which suits me just fine.

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