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January 2010

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January 10

I've made a decision about something. I'm no longer going to follow people on Twitter just because they look interesting when I check their profiles after they've added me. Of course, I'm talking about people I haven't known from other places.

The reason for this is I've been getting people on the stream I keep for my business and crafts posts who are ultimately only trying to sell their own crafts, and who never post about anything except what's for sale. I don't mind sales announcements on Twitter -- I do them myself -- but I do mind having nothing but those.

I know I could add these people and then drop them if they start driving me insane with sales posts, but I hate doing that.

Yes, times are tough, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who things that overwhelming people with ads is not the best way to make sales.

In non-Twitter news, I went out for an errand yesterday, but not till the temperature reached a few degrees above freezing. It's still that sort of cold around here, too. I did enjoy getting out for a few minutes.

And last but not least, I really didn't mean to take a break after Holidailies ended; it just worked out that way! I'm not sure how frequently I'll post, but you're always welcome to subscribe to the notify list or to an RSS feed if you want to know when I've posted.

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