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December 2009

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Three Things - December 8

Internet-wise, this day has been in fragments. It had to do with rainy weather, but there were quite a few times when the lovely free wi-fi went bye-bye and had to be "repaired." That's their term, not mine. At least it would usually stay repaired for the few minutes I needed to check e-mail or something else.

I've been pondering doing an Advent letter to my friends and cousins this year. I haven't done one in a few years, so maybe it's time to revisit that. If I do, it will be online.

And I'm going to do some rearranging of domains in the near future. I'm coming up to a hosting renewal time, and that has prompted me to realize I can and should make some changes. I'll try to make this pretty seamless.

That's it for today!


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