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December 2009

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Survival - December 9

It isn't a secret that I deal with depression. Combine that with the current poverty and you'll probably figure out that I'm having to use most of my brain on survival.

There is way too much time spent looking for work. Sometimes that happens while I'm doing other work, but while I can do a little multitasking that involves crochet, I usually realize I've put the crocheting down to keep from losing track of it. And so on. Survival.

And today there was way too much time spent trying to cancel a recurring payment that will hit (and overdraw) my checking account next week. I could not get the company's website to agree to let me cancel the service without a phone call.

Problem is I have no phone. I let the landline go a few months ago when I realized I didn't need it. Then last month I had to skip renewing my cell phone because I needed that money for something else.

I discovered the need for a phone call to the company too late this afternoon to go anywhere to use a phone. I have now done two things: I sent the company e-mail begging for help with this, and added the phone number to my list of things to deal with out in the world. If a speedy reply doesn't come to the e-mail, I'll make it out in the world sooner than planned.

And if they mess me up on this? I'm naming names.


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