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March 2009

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Sunday - March 29

On Friday I finished the tweaks to Counsel Giver and loaded the edited pages. Most of them haven't changed much, if you're already familiar with the site content.

I dropped the page offering pamphlets for sale. I did that because in the years the site has been available, neither one has been ordered. Not to worry; there weren't a stack printed and ready to mail, so I didn't lose anything in having them availalble.

And I added a donate button. I actually had to do some serious thinking about that. I hope people really do understand I'm happy to offer the material for reading at no charge. At the same time, that site gets a fair amount of traffic, and you never know who might be inclined to make a small donation toward it. The site isn't a major expense for me, but every bit I don't have to spend helps in this economy.

While I was going through the pages, I reread the essays. I continue to be blown away by the ones written by David and Patrick, and continue to appreciate their willingness to let me use them. Of course, longtime readers will note that the essays of mine on the site are mildly reworked journal entries.

I hope all who read will get something from it.

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