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March 2009

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Monday - March 30

I've spent time today planning some future projects. Graph paper is involved.

In break moments, I've exchanged silliness with several friends at Facebook. And realized that it's fun to have updates from people and businesses I like be intermingled. I'm not yet to the point of wanting to write comments to Oprah's postings (for example), but it's good to know that I could, if I found myself with something in need of posting there.

And I've found another use for the hide people at Facebook feature: if someone is posting so much stuff that my homepage is being overwhelmed, I temporarily hide the person until I've had a few minutes to catch up with everyone else. Yes, I do remember to unhide.

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Make sure your antivirus protection is up-to-date. Some people really are April Fools, and want to try being clever on their day by delivering bad things to the rest of us.

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