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February 2009

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February 27

The day included an errand, honing my coping skills, much learning, and chocolate. All in all, good. But time-consuming, so not really time to write. Stay tuned!

Web Stuff - February 26

Most of this week has been devoted to working on website things. This is one of those projects where you find more in need of tweaking the more you get into it.

I wanted to change a mailbox setting on one of my sites this afternoon, but couldn't get into the site's control panel. I grumbled about the fact that the host's status page didn't indicate a problem, but eventually an explanation appeared. Once I knew they were aware of, and working on the problem, I stopped grumbling. I'll check again on Friday.

Later in the evening, a piece of information I needed wasn't where I thought it would be. I looked for a few minutes, then invoked Internet Finding Vibes in a post to Twitter. That's what I'm calling it when you post to let it be known that something is missing. Works very well, for me and for others. And it doesn't have to be a post to Twitter, by the way. Just anywhere online.

One of my friends sent a smart-pixeled, affirming response that had me giggling for a while, once I read it, but before I got back to Twitter to see it I had found the missing information. Those good vibes did the trick again!

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