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February 2009

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Warmth - February 28

Many years ago my mother bought me a quilted robe. It's very pretty, and I like it. But it never made it into the regular rotation of robes.

But all the talk of blankets with sleeves (you probably know the brand names) made me think of the robe. I got it out and have been using it not so much as a blanket, but as a cape. It adds a layer of warmth over my clothes while I'm working, without adding the bulk of extra sleeves.

And I always do have the option of putting my arms in the sleeves, if I wish.

I did use it as a blanket the other day, when I wanted to take a nap, and it works pretty well for that, too. It isn't as long as one of the blankets with sleeves, but it was close enough.

Oh--sometimes I even use it as a robe.

I love that something so simple to do is making my life nicer, without costing anything.

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