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February 2009

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Not The Usual Trip - February 17

A little excitement today, of the unplanned variety.

I had reserved some afternoon time for grocery shopping. I was on the bus at the entrance to the complex when a police officer pulled in and let the bus driver know he wanted to get on the bus.

He boarded, stood at the front, and asked if there was anyone on board named (surname). There were very few passengers at the time.

A woman at the back of the bus said that was her name, and he went back to talk with her. And about 90 seconds later he got off the bus. The driver asked him if he wanted the bus to wait, and if so, would it be all right to move to a place out of traffic.

Apparently the officer did want the bus to wait, so we sat on the side of the road for a few minutes, just long enough for me to wonder if I were going to miss my connecting bus. Then we were told to go on our way.

I have no idea what that was all about.

Oh, the rest of my shopping trip? Went very well.

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