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February 2009

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Crackers - February 18

I like saltine crackers. Always have. And for most of my life, I was pretty brand-specific in my purchasing.

But then my favorite brand changed some things, and although they were still good, they weren't so good I wasn't willing to experiment with the competition.

Some of you may recall that when I started running errands downtown I mentioned there were some things I could find significantly cheaper at the drugstore than at the grocery. One of those things was a brand of saltines. I tried them, liked them quite a bit, and continued purchasing them exclusively until the store closed that branch. I hadn't had them since.

Until a "new products" display caught my eye at the grocery store on Tuesday. There, on the top shelf, were the crackers. The package was different, but I remembered the brand name. And I remembered the price.

In this year of really challenging economic times, I figured the price would have gone up. And the crackers were indeed more expensive than they had been several years ago. Eight cents, to be precise. Even with the higher price, they were still significantly less expensive than any other brand, even the store's own.

And I'm pretty sure that's the regular price on them, from the wording of the shelf tag.

So of course I bought them. I got into them today, and am pleased to report that they are still as I remembered.

Good price on a good product. Definitely a pleasing combination.

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