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January 2009

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Tweaking - January 2

Today is a day of tweaking and making decisions about tweaking. I'm working on some changes to the business sites, along with the description for a new product. And it seems that everything I tweak leads to something else in need of same.

Yes, I know that's not really the case. When you add a new something, you have to make room for it, and make sure its presence is known.

And not to worry: it will be announced here when the new page is ready.

I also am doing some thinking about the journal. I've set up as many archive pages as the system allows, and need to decide for once and for all what I want to do about that. No, I'm not planning to leave Diaryland. But there are definitely some changes to archives in the works.

Something else tweaked: late last night I realized that my Facebook profile's privacy settings were just a little too private...a friend of mine, armed with the correct information, couldn't get through to add me as a friend. We worked it out (I added her, instead), but this afternoon I went in and made myself just a bit easier to find and contact.

I want to keep things fairly private, but there's a difference between private and anti-social.

If you want to connect with me there, the easiest and best thing is to write to me at the address you'll find in the sidebar. Which is not, incidentally, the address I use for Facebook.

Back to the tweaking...

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