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January 2009

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A Good Day - January 1

I spent time today getting things done and being happy about it. Along the way, I had a nap, after which I walked down to the (closed) rental office to drop off my rent payment. I know I technically could have waited, but I like to keep the good habits intact.

I had several unexpected happy-making moments during the day, including seeing some very cute, very happy children out playing with whatever outdoor toys Santa had brought last week.

And there were two adorable little girls supervising their father as he was helping someone move furniture into an apartment. The twosome noticed me and said hi. I responded in kind.

Next, one of them decided to add a wave to the greeting ritual, so I waved back. As I was doing so, the second sister very shyly raised her hand to wave. I'm glad I noticed it, and kept my wave going, thus encouraging her to complete the greeting.

About that point, their father needed more supervision, so their attention turned to him. I went on my way, still with a smile on my face.

I've heard it said that whatever one does the first day of the year is an indication of how the year will go. If the rest of my year is going to go as well as today has, I'll take it!

Happy 2009 to us all!

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