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December 2008

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Saturday on the Timeline - December 7

With apologies to sci-fi fans in case I've used some of these words to mean things they don't mean. And names of my fellow humans are replaced with initials not theirs, for their privacy.

It all started early on Saturday. One of my microblogging friends, A., does excellent photography and loves animals, so was sharing some of her Saturday doing some animal photography. I believe Santa was also along for the gig.

Another microblogging friend, B., also does some excellent photography and loves animals. She wanted to know if A. would be posting any of the shots online. A. said she would if she had signed permission from the pet owners.

My first comment was that B. and I clearly needed to go help A. get the forms signed. B. agreed.

Oh. I haven't told you that none of us live with anywhere close to each other. I mean hours and hours and hours away not close.

At some point after that, I posted a message that needed to be deleted because it had a big booboo in it. Immediately afterward, I posted the corrected version. But B. had realized what I meant to write, and had posted a reply before my correction made it to the timeline. She then said she should delete and repost, because it looked like she had predicted my comment.

And I said no need, we could just blame it on the time-space continuum.

A. came back to the timeline about that point and said she could definitely use our help, and that if we left our homes now we might make it to the photography site before the shoot was over. I said I'd be right there; B. mentioned it would take her a few hours to drive, but she'd leave immediately.

Then A. said that since I had the time-space continuum thing working, I could just stop by and pick up B.

To which I replied that I would and we would be there last (Friday) night.

B. was still thinking future, and made a comment along those lines, to which I replied that I thought we should go last night to miss time-warp traffic jams. B. immediately saw the wisdom of missing bad traffic, and agreed.

So that became our plan.

I should leave now so I can get to B.'s in time...

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