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September 2008

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Things - September 22

I'm still working out why, but I really dislike the political quip that Jesus was a community organizer and Pilate a governor. I can tell you my dislike does not mean I'm a McCain supporter. Of all the politicians in recent years, he's the one who has most disappointed me.

At any rate, I've spent entirely too much time pondering this, hoping I'd get it sorted. Let's just say if I figure it out, I'll tell you.

Meantime, I've been enjoying the cooler turn to the last days of summer. I went out early Saturday morning for something and realized it was almost chilly. Not that I was complaining! I've spent part of the weekend getting free cool air into the apartment, and enjoying not listening to the air conditioning. Mine's not that loud, but the absence of the sound is nice nonetheless.

And I've been working away on my crocheting. Nothing is ready for debut, but soon. Also, though I don't mind crocheting reasonably warm things in hot weather, it really is more pleasant to work on them when it's cooler.

My thoughts continue to be with those whose lives continue to be disrupted by Ike's aftermath. I am hearing from one friend who is using Twitter on her cell phone to keep people posted. I think this is a fine example of technology being a grand thing.

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