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September 2008

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Storms - September 26

Early today I heard from a friend who was checking in with me because she'd heard on her local news that there was a nor'easter affecting North Carolina. I told her that in this part of the state (about 200 miles inland) we did get some wind and rain, but not too much of either.

And I gave her the link to WRAL's website, because I think the site has excellent information and is, for me, the easiest to navigate of the local sites.

I keep several news sites from far-away places bookmarked, just in case of stormy weather and/or power failures in those areas. It is, for me, just another thing to love about the Internet.

I'm planning to watch at least part of the presidential candidates' debate tonight, because it's on. I don't truly expect to learn anything from the encounter, because I've paid a lot of attention to this election. Anyway, in order to do that, I'm going to cut this short and go make some more coffee.

Insert your own stay-awake joke, please.

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