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September 2008

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Hanna - September 7

She's gone now, but she definitely entertained us while she visited our state. I'm glad she never made it to hurricane status during her time off our coast; she was boisterous enough as a tropical storm.

Where I am the main way to know she was around was rain. We got almost five inches, which will definitely help the lingering effects from the drought. Wind here wasn't too strong, but it was enough to make looking at the rain interesting. And it turned some low-lying areas into small lakes for a time.

I had done my usual bad weather preparations. Starting prior to Hurricane Fran twelve years ago, I made a rule for myself that I wouldn't leave dirty dishes. I made extra coffee. I knew that if we had a power failure I would be miserable in a hurry without coffee. And I made sure my cell phone and laptop were charged.

Hanna came ashore about 3:20 a.m. The local television stations suspended other broadcasting and stayed with this story from late Friday night till about noon Saturday. The expectation was that most of the rain would be east of the Research Triangle area, but Hanna had other plans. We got the rain, but not so much wind. East of us got more wind than rain.

By early Saturday afternoon things were beginning to taper off. The storm's center had headed north and was entertaining the folks in Virginia. We went on breathing our sighs of relief that it hadn't been worse, and I suspect I'm not the only one who took a nap.

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