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September 2008

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Mail - September 5

I got mail this week from the development folk (as in give us money!) at Carolina. A while back, I had taken them up on the offer to be taken off mailing and telephone lists. This letter was to give me the chance to get back on either or both. The selling point was that if I let their callers call me, I'd be hearing all about Carolina today from enthusiastic students.

Well, Dear Carolina, I live about two miles from campus, read the college newspaper many days, read the alumni magazine, and am on several e-mail lists. I don't think I'm exactly deprived of information about what Carolina's doing.

The kicker for me was that I had to take action of some sort to renew my status of being no-call, no-mail. People who took no action after receiving this missive would be called during an upcoming phone blitz.

I would be angrier about this had there not been a page set up on Carolina's website to do just that. As it is, I am annoyed that they wasted money printing and mailing something that could have been tacked onto one of the e-mails as a general, "If you would like to change your preferences..." message.

Basically, I expect better than this behavior from Carolina. And even though I know times are tough and everyone needs money, I can guarantee you that pestering me and forcing me to opt out again is not the way to get mine.

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