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March 2008

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Democrats - March 29

Twenty-some years ago I got very annoyed at the local Democrats for calling my home, asking for me by name, then asking for whom I planned to vote. I told them flat out that I believed in a secret ballot and had no intention of telling them the answer to the question. I don't usually let exasperation show that much to strangers, but I thought this was over the top for bad manners on their part.

Their reply was that since I was a registered Democrat, they just wanted to know if they could count on my vote in November. I still wouldn't say, and I'm pretty sure in doing that I managed to get my name on a don't-call-the-bitch list.

Fine by me.

Then the nationals got into the act. I remember a few elections back there came a passionate note from some Democrat bigwig asking for my support, but it came with my name truncated. I was amused, not exasperated, though I remember that I was seriously tempted to return the truncating favor and reply to the bigwig.

Which brings us to this week. In the mail was a survey from the nationals. It was numbered and had my name plastered all through it, so definitely no attempt to provide private responses. And it had an even different version of my name.

As in, the envelope was addressed to me by my full name, but the salutation and the presumed household name was my middle name. That's right, it came to Rebecca Middlename Lastname, and started off Dear Ms. Middlename, asking what I and the Middlename family thought of several different issues, and whether we planned to vote.

It didn't blatantly ask Ms. Middlename what candidate she and her family planned to support in the May primary, by the way. Maybe the person doing the survey didn't know the names of the candidates.

This one got got shredded. I know it couldn't really have led to identity theft, but I also am known to shred things that just plain piss me off.

So, dear Democrats, you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for Respondent Number whatever it was to send in a reply. She's out and about in search of her last name.

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