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March 2008

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Warmth - March 31

It's been cold and rainy here today. We need the rain, so I'm definitely not lodging a complaint. At the same time, I'm glad I have warm and dry clothes and a warm and dry apartment.

I discovered a while back that the corner of my bedroom which winds up being very close to my right shoulder when I'm in bed is slightly chillier than the rest of the room. Which means, of course, that my right shoulder gets colder than the rest of me if I'm not paying attention. This is not serious enough to rearrange the furniture, the placement of which I happen to like.

But it is the case that I'm happier when my shoulder isn't cold. So whenever I happen to be in bed, I wind up making absolutely sure that shoulder has ample cover. Which sometimes makes me look as though I'm trying to turn my blanket into a toga, if I need a free left hand to hold something I'm reading or the tv remote.

My late mother the Latin teacher would be so pleased!

Silliness aside, it's amazing how that one little bit of paying attention to myself makes me feel better. It's one of those tiny, no-cost things that can make all sorts of happy difference.

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