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March 2008

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Happy Easter! - March 23

This year's Easter outfit includes a dark green velour winter version of a patio dress. This one is made like a Henley shirt, and when I bought it and knew I would be using it for a robe, I bought it a lot too large. So think of it as a Henley on steroids.

Accessories at the moment include a medium blue afghan and a white sheet-blanket, since we're having a cold day and I'm sitting in bed writing. I'm warm enough, have plenty of food, and I'm content.

I hope wherever you are this day, and whatever you're doing, you are also warm enough, have plenty of food, and are content.

And as I said last year, I hope that the peace and grace of the season and the day will be with all, regardless of beliefs, nationality, or any of the things that serve to divide us.

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