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March 2008

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Random Things - March 21

A blessed Good Friday to those observing it.

And happy first full day of spring! It is quite pretty here today, and fairly warm. Sort of stereotypically spring. And since spring is my favorite season, I am pleased.

I am not taking advantage of any of the opportunities to bet in the NCAA men's basketball games. It strikes me there are a lot more of those opportunities this year, but I'm just not a betting woman.

I'm not actually watching that much basketball. If I don't care which team wins, I usually don't bother to watch the game. And of course, I'll observe my usual not-watching of Carolina games, since Carolina tends to lose if I watch. I'm not really declaring that my watching has anything to do with it, but just in case....

Something silly. Although things are going well with my freelance work, I do keep an eye out for interesting opportunities, particularly telecommuting things. So I still get e-mail from several job sites. One this morning offered me a chance to apply for a job as a geothermal engineer. In Wyoming. I'm thinking that one got sent to me by mistake.

But it was definitely good for a giggle!

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