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February 2008

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Sharing Hope - February 18

I had a moment today when I was exactly where I was needed to be. I love moments like that.

The day started out with me realizing that I was out of something. I started to skip shopping, and just take myself out for a meal. Then I realized that didn't make as much sense as just going on to the store (even though I really didn't need a week's worth of stuff just yet). So I went to the store and did my shopping, then headed to the bus stop.

I got to the stop with time to spare, so I sat down to wait. A young man came by and asked me about the bus schedule. I answered his question, then he sat down beside me. He asked me another question, which was if I knew of anyone who needed work done, like help with yard work or with heavy cleaning.

I said I didn't offhand, then I thought for a couple of seconds and remembered that there are frequently people looking for such help who post ads to Craigslist or to the student newspaper. I asked if he had computer access, and he did at the local library, so I wrote down the URL and mentioned the newspaper. The last I saw of the man, he was smiling and heading to the library to use a computer.

Of course, I know these two resources for job-hunting because I used them both myself a couple of years back, before my freelance work took off. And in sharing them, I was able to give back some of the help that came to me, at least with sharing some hope.

And that, I'm pretty sure, is precisely why I needed to get groceries instead of eat out.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Some of you may not know that Patrick Cleary wrote a series of 26 short stories a few years ago. Many of them were first published on his website, but he has collected them and made them available for purchase, either as an e-book or a paperback. The book (and series) is called Stoplight Stories. I'll tell you the secret to the title, in case you didn't know: it came from the fact that there were 26 stoplights between his home and that of his best friend. Turns out both these people have moved, but I'm pretty sure the stoplights are still there, and I'm absolutely sure the stories are still wonderful and engaging and definitely worth reading. I'm delighted to have a copy of them, so that I can read them anywhere and anytime I please.

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