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February 2008

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Perhaps Pink - February 16

I had meant to tell this story a couple of weeks ago, but got distracted.

Something sad-but-funny happened on February 1. It needs a little backstory. Since I had done my errands on January 31, I had gone ahead and paid the February rent that day, as well. Rent here is due on the first, and late after the fifth of each month. I try very hard to get it paid on or before the first, out of habit and out of knowing that if it's paid, I won't have to face any consequences, like late fees or eviction.

Tenants whose rent isn't paid by the end of the business day on the fifth are likely to get, on the sixth, what is called a red card, which contains information about late fees and such.

So on February 1, I heard something being attached to my doorknob late in the afternoon, and went to look. And lo and behold, it was a piece of red card stock. I wondered for a brief moment if there had been some problem with my check (I knew it was a good check, but still...). Oh, and I wondered what had happened to the intervening days, and how did it get to be overdue time already, anyway?

After that moment, I actually took a look at it and saw that it was indeed a notice from the management. This one was about what lovely things would happen if we encouraged our friends to become tenants. I also noticed that the notices were hanging from every doorknob.

I'm guessing they were aiming for a Valentine's theme, but I really wish they had picked another color!

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