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November 2007

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Small Business - November 14

I subscribe to a newsletter aimed at owners of small businesses. Most of the time, the newsletter really is aimed at bigger businesses than my one-woman show, but It has given me some good hints.

And some really good laughs.

A few years ago, for instance, the author did a really passionate piece about how horrible gossip could be in the workplace. I promised myself then and there that if I ever caught me gossiping with me about me, I'd fire me on the spot.

Then came last week's really passionate piece about office security, specifically the use of security cameras.

It is probably wrong of me that my first thought was, "Hey! I should install one of those! Then if I can't find a specific crochet hook, I can just play the video till I catch myself putting it down somewhere!"

We'll just nevermind the fact that I could buy a whole lot of crochet hooks to have as spares for the amount of money the security system would cost...

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