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November 2007

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Happy Birthday to Me! - November 15

Today is my birthday. I mentioned recently that I rarely do anything that resembles celebrating the day early, but this year I did buy myself gifts ahead of time. There are a couple of Harry Potter books (five and six) that I didn't have, so I bought those. Then came the reason there's a picture in this entry.

Trees - 11-15-07

As most of you know, the last few years have been very tight for me, financially, especially last year. So I have been incredibly cheap about not spending money on my self. But this year, things are easier. I decided a while back that I was going to buy a couple of things I've really wanted, and one of those was a new, more powerful digital camera. The LCD on my last one had died a couple of years back, and the charm of a simple point-and-shoot camera that has a slightly inaccurate viewfinder was wearing thin.

I had done some fairly serious research in the past few months, and had narrowed my choices down. Basically, I wanted something that was slightly more sophisticated than the point-and-shoot I started with in 2000, definitely with a higher resolution, and within a certain price range. While I was out shopping the other day, I happened upon one of the finalists, a Kodak Easy Share C613, on sale. I saw no good reason to wait any longer!

I'm still learning things about using the camera, but so far I am extremely pleased. It's small, it has lots of features I haven't had the pleasure of using before, and I can join the horde of people taking pictures that are bigger than my computer screen can show at full size!

I will say If I had realized I was going to do extra shopping, I might have taken a spare totebag.

Oh---the picture is of the trees behind my building. I liked the colors in the leaves. I have not adjusted the color at all, but I did crop just a bit. The building is unseen and to the left, and the stairs on the right go up to a section of the parking lot.

My birthday itself has been nice. I have heard from some good friends, and am looking forward to continuing the celebration in the next few days.

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