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July 2007

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Cue Racing Music - July 19

This week has been busy. I'm working on stuff, and have been bitten by the housework bug, so I've been doing some of that, as well. Things (and I) have been going pretty rapidly.

Yesterday I was working, and deciding what to say about a potential client's request (the answer to that was ultimately in the negative), when a friend got in touch and needed a downtown favor. As in, Becky needs to get ready and get herself on the bus. So I tell the friend that I'm headed to the shower and will leave on the next bus.

Shower got taken, clothes got put on, then I decided to check my e-mail. In the inbox was a reminder that I had to renew a domain, so I grabbed the information I needed to do that and started the process. That went surprisingly fast. When I was through, I set my IM software to "away" and set the computer's virus scan working while I headed out.

I got downtown, went to one business then another one to do the favor my friend needed, then debated whether or not to go ahead and run all my errands. I decided it was already hot enough that I'd be miserable if I stayed out much longer, and since the bus to the shopping center wouldn't be along for a while the right answer was to do the one of my errands that could be done downtown, and get back on the bus heading home.

After making that choice, I had fifteen minutes to do said errand and get to the bus stop. Made it with time to spare.

All this, from request to getting back home, took about an hour and a half. And no one got run over in the process!

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