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March 2007

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Saturday - March 24

This weekend seems to be about basketball and crocheting, not necessarily in that order. It's also about enjoying the lovely warm weather, and about getting caught up with a few things.

A question was asked at ThreeWay Action about whether people knew of and planned to participate in Shutdown Day, which has to do with staying away from computers all day...I would link, but the majority of the site about it is itself shut down. Anyway, I knew my answer to the participate part was no, but I pondered a bit on my reasons.

I have lots of reasons, some more high-minded than others, but they all boil down to one thing. It would make me miserable. And as I said in my reply, I don't do miserable.

Now I won't say that I've never spent a day away from computers since I've owned one, because I have. But I don't like being unable to do the things I do on a computer, including keeping up with my friends and family and reading the online version of newspapers. Oh and clearing my head by playing games, especially variations on solitaire.

Most of the people who replied to that question also said no, by the way.

Elizabeth Edwards - March 22

This is not about politics. It's about home. It's about people who are my contemporaries...we were all in school at about the same time at Carolina, though to my knowledge we weren't in any of the same classes.

This is about how someone I don't know but who is definitely my neighbor by several meanings of that word has a recurrence of cancer, one that will be treated as a chronic illness this time. This is about people making a choice to keep on doing what they've been doing while one of them begins treatment for the disease.

And this is about me being filled with much more hope than fear for them. Sure there's a part of me that knows people die from this stuff. And a part of me that knows how much I'd hate to be in Elizabeth Edwards' place on the campaign trail right now. But mostly, it's about hope.

Like I said already, this isn't about politics. This is me asking you to say a prayer if you're so inclined, and to send a good thought to my neighbor Elizabeth Edwards as she begins treatment, and to John and the children as they adjust and adapt to another change in their lives.

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