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March 2007

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Weird, Etc. - March 25

"Beckysays: Beckysays her slop is updated from tops to shoes & accessories, from mango to levis. Ranging from $2 onwards!! Items going fast!! Come now!!"

The above is from something called The first "Beckysays" on their site is a link to my index page.

I do not know what this is all about, but I assure you I have not started a "slop" (love that) selling the above-mentioned items, nor can I imagine me ever doing so. Needless to say, I did not place that ad.

I wouldn't have known about it except it showed up in my referrer logs. All the hits are from Singapore.

Anyone reading this who is familiar with that is encouraged to let me in on the secret.

Onto other things. I am sorry that Carolina's men's basketball team lost the game this afternoon. It would have been a whole lot of fun if they had gone on to win the Final Four, if for no other reason that this the fiftieth anniversary year of our men's first NCAA Championship. And the twenty-fifth anniversary of our second one.

That second one? We beat Georgetown, to whom we lost this afternoon. Yes, I know paybacks are hell.

But on a brighter note, Carolina's women's basketball team survived to play in the next round (Elite Eight) of the Women's NCAA Championship run. My fingers are crossed for them.

And the best news I have is that the dratted begathon of our local PBS affiliate is done. Six weeks of messed-up schedules, interrupted programming, and all the other annoyances come to an end at midnight. I believe they have reached the goal. And I'm almost positive they've worn out their copy of the doo wop show...

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