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January 2007

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Chillin' - January 17

We're being told there may be some icy weather (most likely freezing rain) tomorrow, and since I freely admit to being a wuss about icy weather, I made sure all my Thursday errands were run today.

It struck me this afternoon as I was downtown that many people in Chapel Hill haven't figured out this "winter" thing yet. They had coats on, and other warm garments, but they were not dealing well with the constraints. There were many people not quite sure how to manage themselves, and they were most unhappy.

You could see this in the expressions on their faces. And you could see it as they studied on what to do with their arms. Suddenly encased in a lot more cloth than had been necessary a day or so earlier, arms seemed to be looked on as foreign objects. Whether to hold the arms close to one's body or let them flail in the wind was a major decision, and one that seemed to require much testing.

I had it easier than some. I was carrying both a handbag and a totebag, and my muscle-memory of what to do with those two bags overrode any bewilderment I might have had regarding the extra layers of cloth. So I stayed out of the way as much as possible, knowing that these people had to work out the arm logistics for themselves.

I suspect they will have it all figured out in time for spring. Me, I'm planning on continuing to make sure both my arms are occupied.

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