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January 2007

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Safe and Sound - January 18

This is a day that sounds far duller in the telling than it was in the living.

The snow came, rather early. I would have taken a picture except I would have had to go outside to do that, and it was cold. By the time in the afternoon when I did go outside, just to do my outside moment, it was drizzling rain.

The nicest sound I heard today was the water draining through the downspout. That meant it was not freezing rain, and the power wouldn't go out. I had been prepared for a power outage (extra coffee made and put in a thermos; all flashlights in their proper places), but I'm definitely glad I didn't have to deal with one.

For me, it was a day to stay inside and do my work, which was and is conveniently within reach. Then it was naptime, which got itself prolonged because apparently snow makes me sleepy.

And now it's back to the work for a bit, then some more sleep.

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