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January 2007

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The Eighth Day - January 1

Happy New Year!

On the eighth day of Christmas I decided it was fine if I spent the whole day doing only those things I specifically wanted to do. No freelance, no serious chores, no errands.

The disclaimer about the chores is that I did wash dishes. There weren't many, but I wanted them done.

I've played piano, I've read some, I've written a few friends, I've not watched much television because I'm not a football fan, and I've listened to music.

I've enjoyed the day. And if the tone of the year to come is set by what one does the first day, then this year will be a winner.

My thanks to all of you who have come here through the Holidailies portal. I welcome any who would like to take advantage of the notify list. Be among the first to know what I have to say about the rest of the twelve days of Christmas!

And my thanks to Jette and Chip for their work in once again presenting Holidailies for all our reading pleasure.

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