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July 2006

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Mice and Men - July 20

My plan for yesterday got waylaid, but that's all right. I gave the repair project one last inspection and packed it for shipping, then went to do the shipping.

That done, I came home to send the tracking information to the client, along with some commentary about the work and how I'd suggest caring for the newly-repaired item so the client wouldn't need me to repair it again.

Not that I want to turn away business, but this piece was incredibly heavy and I was glad to get done with it so I could quit having to pick it up.

No, I won't start limiting the size of projects. At least not yet.

Anyway, I decided I wanted to do some other things instead of trying to update the Rebeccaworks site. I need to think it through a bit more before committing it to pixel.

On the agenda today is a little housework, a little thinking about future work, a little information-gathering from a prospective client, and whatever else comes along.

Maybe I'll even get started writing the update. But don't hold me to that.

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