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July 2006

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Repairs - July 19

My highness stayed up too late Monday night, getting caught up with some of the journal entries and message board posts I missed during the computer outage. Then on Tuesday I spent a lot of time finishing a needlework repair so I can ship it today. After that, I crashed.

Working on the various repairs this year has made me do some thinking of things I need to update in terms of the Rebeccaworks site. It's becoming obvious that most of the business I'm getting from there has to do with handwork repair, and I need to do the same sort of explaining about that process that I did a while back about crocheting.

The short version? It costs a lot of money and it takes a very long time to get an heirloom repaired. I plan to use a line from a message I sent a future customer recently: "You will wonder if I have absconded with your heirloom and money. The answer will be no."

And that's true. These things involve copying someone else's work, which means some experimenting in terms of stitch sizes, etc. That is what takes the most time.

So I'll flesh all this out a bit and do the update. And that may well be what takes up the time today.

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