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October 2005

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Procrastination - October 23

If there were prizes for procrastinating on weekends, I'm pretty sure I would have so many gold medals I'd have to rent a storage unit to keep them. Because you can't just toss out your gold medals.

Part of what I've procrastinated about this weekend is some tossing of things not gold, except in the golden oldies sense of the word. I've once again accumulated enough stuff that I need to do some tossing to make room.

So did I get the kitchen counter decluttered? Nope. And did I manage to sort through the pile of things on my desk, most of which need to be put back in their proper places? Nope. I did manage to play several bazillion games of varieties of computer solitaire, in the time I would have spent doing those other things.

The solitaire-playing accompanied a lot of thinking about friends and family and life in general. The thinking was good and necessary. Also, I managed to get caught up on sleep. This is always a good thing, and necessary, especially since I don't want to do my impersonation of a zombie all day Monday.

But mainly I procrastinated.

I would feel bad about that, but apparently it was just exactly what I needed to do. So be it.

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