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September 2005

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Firsts - September 26

I had a "first" today. I had lunch with two people I met through this journal, Jeff and Sean. I've met online friends before, but never someone who came to know me through this journal. It's very pleasant to have someone want to meet me based on my writing. I am taking it as quite a compliment.

Jeff had written last week to say they would be in Chapel Hill and hoped we could get together. He told me where they would be staying, and as luck would have it, a restaurant I really like is about half a mile away. So I wrote back to suggest lunch today.

And it was great. The restaurant wasn't overly busy at the time we were there, so we had lots of time to sit and talk with each other. I got to know more about Sean and Jeff, which was as it should be since they have my archives to surf if they get curious! They are both quite interesting people, with some great anecdotes to tell.

Of course, none of the three of us remembered to show up with a camera.

When we were through eating, Sean and Jeff were waiting outside with me for the bus to my office. Jeff offered that they could give me a ride, then asked if I'd like to drive. I said that would be nice, and he said, as he handed me the keys, "It's the Humvee in the first parking place. Let's go!"

I had wanted a chance to ride in one of those, and definitely thought it would be neat to drive one. So we got in and off we went. Actually, this was a second "first" for me today: I had never driven anything quite that large before, but it handled like a dream and left me with a clear understanding of why people like them so much.

Once we got to the law firm, I had a chance to introduce the men to Associate 1 and to Kathy (Admin) who happened to be the sole occupants of the office at the moment we arrived. After goodbye hugs, Jeff and Sean went on to the rest of their day, and I got to work.

I will keep the happy memories of the day with me, along with the knowledge that friendships are beginning.

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