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September 2005

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Changes - September 27

Earlier today I was writing to a friend and happened to realize that my niece, Candace, will be sixteen years old next month. I'm a little stunned at this. Particularly so since what I was writing to my friend about was a moment that happened when said niece was five weeks old.

Other than that astonishing realization, this was a fairly quiet day. I needed to do an errand after work, but really didn't need to do a full-fledged trip to the grocery store, so I stopped at the drugstore downtown. I'm glad that most drugstores, especially the chain ones, offer things that have utterly nothing to do with medications.

The building where that drugstore is located has housed three businesses during my years in and around Chapel Hill. When I first came to school here, it's occupant was a small department store. It then housed a drugstore, of a chain that no longer has a presence in Chapel Hill. For the past few years, it has had the same tenant, the one I patronized today.

One thing in the building that has not been renovated away is an odd place in the floor, where there's a very slight slope. It is most noticeable on one aisle. You'll be walking along, looking at merchandise, when all of a sudden you realize one of your feet is an inch or so lower than the other.

I've often wondered if the builder got a fantastic deal on badly-cut wood.

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