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July 2005

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Mystery - July 11

I have spent some time this evening on the phone with a friend whose mother was hospitalized tonight with breathing troubles. The mother's condition stabilized and she was released after several hours. I'm glad things settled down quickly, and I hope the tests that were performed will give a clear diagnosis.

My friend's parents live in a city my friend doesn't know all that well, so as she was nearing where she thought the hospital was located, but saw no signs for it, she realized she wasn't quite sure she was heading in the right direction. And she was the one in charge of picking up her parents.

Being a smart woman who knows I know how to work online searches, she found a parking lot and stopped to call me to get exact directions. She knew I'd be interested to know how her mother was doing, and that I would be happy to help her.

I tried very hard to help, but kept getting dead ends. My friend happened to see a police officer, so she flagged him down and asked. Then she called me back to report it was no wonder I couldn't find directions and she couldn't find signs. The name of the hospital has changed. Dramatically changed.

But people in the community are still calling it by its old name, because the new one is cumbersome and, well, still too new to have caught on.

We decided that laughing was the best thing we could do.

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