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June 2005

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Marketing - June 6

Today was all about work and running errands. It was also the hottest day of the year so far, which might have made me postpone the errands except I really needed to get those done. So I went to the nearby shopping center on my way home from work.

Since I'm still gathering funds for car repair, I was on foot for the part of the trip after the bus dropped me at the shopping center. The walk home was hot, but rather pleasant. There are lots of pretty yards and gardens between the shopping center and the apartment complex. It's nice to get a good look at them.

I was walking on the street just before my apartment complex, and was greeted by a little girl who wanted to know if I'd like to come buy something. I thanked her for asking, but said I didn't need anything else today. She thanked me, then went back to the yard from whence she had come.

I noticed that she and a friend were apparently having their own version of a yard sale. They had set up shop in the aforementioned yard, and had one table of merchandise. Since I wasn't shopping, I stayed on the same side of the street I had been on, which was across from their location. This means I didn't get a close look at the items for sale, but what I saw looked like toys and a few books.

They were set up close to the dead end of the street, so I doubt they had many customers, unless more people walked home from the shopping center. But I admired their industry (and energy). They definitely had the greeting of customers thing down.

And who knows...they may have cornered the market in terms of hot, tired people who are ready for a new toy.

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