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June 2005

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Cleaner than Your Average Bear - June 7

I've finally received the crocheted mats that need repair. I say "finally" because I had begun to think the woman who wanted the work done had decided against it. But it turned out she had been ill, and wrote a week or so ago to ask if it was still all right to send them. So I know what I'll be doing part of the weekend.

And apparently the little children down the building from me are reading some journal entries. I would have thought they were too young, but their having read yesterday's entry would explain why they left a toy at my door. They must have thought I'd be deprived if they didn't leave one of their much-loved stuffed animals.

Oh all right, they dropped the stuffed animal while they were playing. Since I'm not sure which child dropped it, I was hesitant to take a guess as to the animal's home. So I put it in about halfway down the porch, where we used to go to get our mail. Since it's in a central location, if a parent returning from somewhere in a car is likely to find it and return it to its rightful owner before it is missed.

As it happens, I have a small but wonderful collection of stuffed animals of my own. In fact, the smallest of them, a bear whose name is Martin, is drying now. I happened to notice earlier in the evening that Martin needed a bath. So he got soaked in bear shampoo (okay, cold water wash) for a bit. He's still smiling his sweet smile, so I don't think he's any the worse for the washing.

He's a little too soggy to want to pose for a photo session, though. So I'll show him to you, and tell you his story, another time.

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