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May 2005

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Laziness and Noise - May 29

I don't have much to say tonight. It's been a quiet day. I didn't do as much housework as I should have done, nor did I do much useful instead of the housework. I have allowed myself to be lazy, even though I'm not particularly happy with that.

I said it was a quiet day. I mean that in terms of what I did, not in terms of the world around me. That world included someone who decided he desperately had to park his car as close as possible to my bedroom window in order to work on it.

I have no idea what he was doing. It involved having the hood open and banging something against metal, doing so often enough that it woke me up. I did peek out the window, but other than the raised hood and a toolbox, I couldn't see anything.

Later in the day, the car had been moved, so I hope the noise had a good outcome.

Even later, I had a nap, to make up for the sleep lost to the noise.

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