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Memory Lane - May 28

One day this week I ran into the director of Non-Profit Agency #2. He was fairly surprised to see me; it's not often we're both in downtown Chapel Hill at the same time. We shared the usual pleasantries, and did some catching up. In the context of what had changed and what had stayed the same, I mentioned seeing on the agency's website that my old job there was open.

In case you don't know this chapter of my life: I left that job in 1990 after my mother's first stroke, when it became apparent that she needed more attention than I could give her from a distance. I enjoyed the job itself, and was quite fond of my coworkers, including the director.

Director said that the scope of the job had, of course, changed a good bit from my days there, especially in that it now includes website work. He went on to say they had just hired someone to do it. Which is fine by me; I hadn't planned to apply.

When I got to the law firm a bit later, and told Kathy about running into the director, she asked if I had been tempted to apply for the job again. I said I had thought about it for a split second, but that since I love the law firm job, and the Agency job was a full-time one, I let the thought go on its way. At the same time, it was kind of fun to see an ad for a job for which I knew beyond any doubt that I had all the qualifications!

I had taken the job at Non-Profit Agency #2 for a lot of reasons. The pay was better, there were benefits, and I was not going to be the sole administrative support person there, which I had been at Non-Profit Agency #1. Agency #2 was a much larger agency than #1, locally, and could afford all these things.

The main reason, though, was that having responsibility for less of the support meant that I could devote more of my brain to my own life. Prince Charming and I were having troubles, and I wanted to devote mental energy to working on solutions. Prince Charming had other ideas, and the relationship ended.

The Agency went through a rough patch in the mid-1990s, but it seems to have come back stronger than ever. I am delighted for them, The people involved in that agency do a lot of good works in the community, and I am glad to have had a chance to provide some support to them in my years there.

I wish for the new person in my old job a long and happy tenure.

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