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May 2005

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Buses and Paper and Phone Calls - May 25

It all started with the young man on the bus who needed to get to a specific office. The bus driver, one I'm getting to know a little on uncrowded runs, took a certain amount of pity on him because it was obvious that he was slightly confused about the exact location of the building in which the office was located.

She knew, and took him almost directly to the door of the office (by letting him get off the bus a little before the next regularly-scheduled stop). She also made sure that he knew exactly where the bus stop was, so when it was time for him to return home he could do so easily.

Then it was my turn for a little extra attention, in her mind. There were only four of us (counting the driver) on the bus at the time, and I happened to be seated in one of the seats from which it is difficult to reach the signal tape.

So I spoke up, and said I couldn't reach and asked if she would please let me off at [name of stop]. She said she would, then asked which building I worked in. I told her, and she decided that she would take me as close to it as possible, without actually going into the parking lot. It was fun to be the emerging passenger at not-a-bus-stop. And it was a kindness. I rarely ever forget kindnesses.

I got to work to find most of the paper in the known universe in my inbox. One of the attorneys had met with several clients outside the office yesterday, and had brought documents back from those meetings. Part of my job is to process those documents, so I knew pretty much what I was going to be doing all afternoon.

I will tell you that there are days when I'm confronted with that much paper that I have to seriously resist the urge to take up origami on the spot.

Instead, I made copies and wrote cover letters and put together packets to mail, and wrote checks to send with copies to be recorded by the county, and took care of several other related matters. A lot of paper left my desk today. There is plenty left, but I feel good about the amount that I got finished and in the outgoing mail.

After the mail, there was time to sit for a few minutes and go over some planning with another attorney, which was interrupted by a client dropping by. Probably just as well; we were about to generate even more paper.

When it was time to leave, I did something I haven't done before. I got to the bus stop and realized I wanted to make a phone call. And now I've once again joined the ranks of Those People. In this case, I was one of Those People who talk on the phone while on the bus.

As it happened, the driver (a different one) and I were the only two people present for a couple of stops, so I didn't entertain too many people with my chatter. And I was seated far enough away that I don't think I was bothering him. By the time another passenger boarded I was ending my call, so she didn't have to hear much more than, "talk with you soon."

The other time I have been one of Those People was just before Thanksgiving last year. I needed a couple of things from the grocery store, and realized when I was in the store that I could help out a friend of mine by picking up a couple of thing for her as well, thus saving her a trip. But in order to do that, I needed to find out from her exactly what she needed. So I called, joining the ranks of Those People who stand in grocery store aisles getting instructions on purchases from someone not present.

Sorry, I'm new enough to having a cell phone that these incidents amuse me greatly.

Anyway, after the bus trip with phone call, I came home. I was tired (dealing with most of the paper in the known universe will do that to you), so I took a long nap. Afterward, I wrote to a friend, had supper, and am now getting ready to go back to bed.

I wonder what adventures tomorrow will hold.

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