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May 2005

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Scenes - May 24

Three scenes. The first two fairly recent, the third from some years ago. All remind me why it's fun to spend time in the downtown area of Chapel Hill.

First: An elderly man was sitting on one of the sidewalk-facing benches (as opposed to the benches that face the street). The gentleman was in a suit of lavender seersucker. Definitely a fun way to announce the arrival of summer, as well as a way to stand out in a crowd. A lot of his friends came by to say hello in just the few minutes I was observing the action.

A few days later, the same gentleman on the same bench. This time, he was wearing a tan suit. Not so many people were around him as the day he wore lavender.

Second: A limousine was heading west. It was not your ordinary limo; it was a stretch HumVee. It was so dark a shade of green it would appear black in the right light. And just as those of us waiting at the bus stop had decided to believe what our eyes were seeing, the last window on the left side flew down, and out popped the head of a young adolescent male. He began screeching something to someone on the sidewalk, at the top of his lungs. The screeching continued as the HumVee continued its trip.

There was definitely no glam to it after that apparition.

Third: One day I was walking to lunch from Non-Profit Agency #1, and saw a convertible being driven by someone who was standing up to do so. No, there wasn't a parade happening, and the car itself looked like an average convertible.

I guess the driver just wanted to take full advantage of the freedom of rooflessness.

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