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May 2005

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Owie - May 21

Gather 'round, children. Aunt Becky needs to tell you how not to have an owie. Do not go to walk on a Saturday afternoon without wearing sunscreen on the back of your neck, both shoulders, the front of your neck, and all over your face.

More precisely, make sure you wear enough on your face, and add in the other parts.

Aunt Becky is by nature a pale person. She may not be the palest of the human species, but she is pale enough that people who do not know her well occasionally ask if she is ill. And she does not tan well, unless the exposure is tiny and gradual.

She burns. Not always badly, but she burns. And today she came home to discover that her face, neck, and shoulders were that telltale red color. Not so bad that there will be peeling, but bad enough that she is not pleased.

So take heed, children. Slather on your sunscreen so that you will not be greeted by your red face in the mirror. Slather it on so that you will avoid the owie feeling.

And so that you won't sit around most of the evening grumbling about owies.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Okay, enough third person. The undone errand from yesterday got done this afternoon. It was a lovely day, and other than the sunburn I did enjoy being out in it.

I really should have spent some of the day doing some heavy-duty housecleaning. I need to sort. I need to put things away where they belong. I am not in the mood to do this. But I'm beginning to hate the state of the apartment, and that will make me get over being out of the mood.

Maybe even as early as tomorrow!

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