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May 2005

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Lateness - May 20

This was a day of running late for me. I was late leaving home, late getting to the office, and am still one file late getting things done for the week. But the attorney who asked for a rush job on one project (and got it) is the same attorney who wants the as-yet-unopened file, so I think that one will be okay.

On my way to work, I realized I was going to have to wait some extra time in Chapel Hill. I thought about running an errand, but decided I'd rather enjoy sitting on one of the rock walls and catching up with my own thoughts. So I planned to do the errand after work.

Work itself was very busy for a Friday afternoon. There was the aforementioned rush job, and some other things that needed to get finished and off my desk before the week was out.

Then came time to think about leaving. With that came also the threat of a storm. Those storm clouds were doing their own version of running late, not to mention coming in from an odd angle. By the time I got back downtown, I decided the clouds had won. I didn't really need to do the errand bad enough to risk being out in a storm about it. So I came home.

But the clouds decided to tease a bit more. They held their contents to themselves just long enough to make me think I had guessed wrong about the possibility of getting caught in the storm. Then they let go.

And rain poured. It was just a little late.

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