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May 2005

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Hot, Achy, Pleased - May 19

There is a problem with the air conditioning in half of our office space. The problem is in the half my office is in, which also means it's the half that Younger Partner's office is in. And we are both complaining about it, in part because we're both hot-natured and in part because we are both having trouble with our allergies.

Messages have been left on answering machines and pagers for the repair people, but something is going oddly about that. A company has been sold, or changed its name, or some other such, and it's becoming a challenge to find out to whom a call should be made. We've been very pleased with this company's work, and hope we don't have to go find someone totally new to fix the system. But if necessary, we will do exactly that.

Mainly because when Younger Partner and I are both unhappy about something, it isn't pretty.

Today I wound up with a headache from the whole thing. To go along with the backache from the stormy weather. It was good that I didn't have to do anything after work except come home and relax.

After some rest, I felt better. I'm still tired, but not too tired to be very pleased that Patrick's play, Hit Me, will be one of the ten plays in this summer's Ten by Ten Festival in Carrboro! More on that later.

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