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April 2005

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The Ninth - April 24

It doesn't seem like nine years. But today is the ninth anniversary of my mother's death. And this morning I had a lovely dream, about her healthier days and just being with her. Nothing outstanding, just sort of a slideshow of happy memories.

I needed that. The last few weeks have been frantically busy at work. My life has been complicated by car trouble and other nuisances. There have been some personal disappointments in the mix. Let's not forget the fun of allergy season. Last but certainly not least, there was the very recent milestone of outliving my father.

So it was lovely today to have happy times with Mother cross my mind. For all that our relationship was complicated and had its stresses, there were plenty of happy times.

As I write this, I am drinking coffee. I just raised my cup in memory of Mother. And said thank you for some very happy times.

Mother and Malcolm

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