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February 2005

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This - February 11

You should go read this beautiful, gentle entry. It nearly made me cry, for the memories.

If I were more political an animal, and felt better than I do, I might get myself up tomorrow and go to this gathering of bloggers. I may yet go to a later session, to say a second-hand thank-you to the man speaking.

This very brief entry is courtesy of the bad cold, of the long week with the bad cold, and of the cold day that started the long week.

Sneezy - February 10

The good news is I don't have the flu. The bad news is I have one hellacious head cold, and am in a truly evil mood to go along with the soul-shaking sneezes. Today was the first day of the sneezes. I'm ready for it to be the last day of the sneezes.

You should go check out this year's version of Februarium. Coleen set up this collaboration, which has excellent entry prompts. I thoroughly enjoyed participating the first time, but I am sitting this one out because I feel so lousy. Even though I'm not writing for it, I am definitely reading the entries, and the ones I've read so far have been excellent.

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